Vladimir Putin will get a decent car project ” Cortege ” to the beginning of 2018

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Project “tuple” provides for the creation of vehicles for the transport of the first persons of the state. Currently, four types of machinery are designed: a limousine, sedan, SUV, and minivan, the head of the Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

At the inauguration of the president of Russia, which will be elected in 2018, citizens will see superlimuzin new head of state. It is known how it will look and feel better than “megakadilaka” Obama. Now, the Russian leader will go not to the special version of the Mercedes “Pulman” a limousine Russian production – the so-called “project” Cortege “, most secure, armored, equipped with all types of communication.



As part of the ” Cortege ” project four types of vehicles have been developed-a limousine,sedan, SUV,and minivan .According Manturova limousine for about a year is being tested,will begin in April crash tests for sedans.By 2020 it is planned to increase the party up to 4-5 thousand cars of each type.

Even without the buffed FSO territory and protection of machines,”that does not happen in reality”,located in a limousine”must meet head-on the emergence of a hostile helicopter,UAV,garnet and machine gunners.

Of course,the project”tuple”specification,as well as the details of the reservation of the presidential limousine,special communications systems and other subtleties are not reported.

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