Walkthrough odor in the washing machine

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One day you may find that the only things laundered smell is not so, as usual, and the source of the problem lies within the “stiralki”. Panicking is not necessary, often all quickly resolved by simple folk remedies.

There are four possible causes odor in the washing machine: mustiness, mold, heated therein, and the stench of sewage. After the airing of the drum, which has long been closed, mustiness disappears. The heated smells of burnt rubber scale immediately after washing. Sewerage has an effect due to incorrect connection of the drain hose, even new cars with a minimum number of washes. But about 90% of cases the problem is precisely the mold, which is a mucous film or coating is usually black with a nasty smell rotten.


Factors contributing to the emergence of mold:

1. bad check things before washing – the dirt out of your pockets, especially the remains of sweets, crumbs and other food products, is an ideal environment for fungi;

2. constantly wet drum – if, immediately after washing to close the door, not allowing the drum to dry the damp, warm and dark inside of the washing machine provide ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria;

3. dry only at low temperatures – it does not kill the microorganisms inside the machine;

4. poor quality powder – not completely dissolved in the water adheres to the walls, forming a perfect surface for the mold, the same problem in the case of considerable resources overdose;

5. incorrect installation or connection – if the washing machine is at an angle, the water remains after draining, increasing humidity.


General instructions to remove odor

1. Determine the source. Examine the following elements of the washing machine:

(a) tray powder and other detergent;
(b) hose from the tray with the powder to the tank;
(c) rubber seal near the hatch to load linen;
(d) drum washing machine;
(e) heating elements (for descaling);
(f)waste water drain hose, pump and filter in front of it.

The source of bad smell lies precisely in one of these nodes.


2. Dispose of the problem. If the hose is connected properly, is clogged with dirt or drain pump accumulated fiber tissue and debris, reconnect and clean these areas on their own according to the instructions for the washing machine, or call a service technician. Sometimes the smell in the drum appears due to problems with sewage in the whole house. Check that the machine is correctly align the horizontal when necessary.

If there is scale, add the washing machine drum, 100 grams of citric acid (900 ml vinegar 9%), close the hatch, select and activate the longest wash cycle at a maximum temperature (not below 90 ° C). After completion, rinse with a damp cloth, rubber parts and the surface of the drum, check the drain in these areas may remain small, hard pieces. Then make another loop at the same temperature, add a pack (500 grams), the dining room, or soda ash. In conclusion – extra rinse mode.

If the source of the smell caused by mold, wash the affected area with a cloth or sponge dipped in vinegar for a long time without holding it on the same site. Fill the drum or the powder feed tray 100 grams of citric acid, activate the longest wash cycle (minimum of 60 minutes) at a maximum temperature. After draining the water allow the washing machine to dry: do not close the door a couple of days, remove the tray and dry powder.


3. If the preceding step did not help So deeply penetrated deep into the mold, and require drastic measures: pour into the washing machine 0.5 liters of chlorine bleach (whites), and then re-enable the wash mode at the maximum temperature with additional rinsing.

Prevention of odor in the washing machine

1. Do not store the dirty things in the drum, using for this purpose the basket.

2. Do not close the door immediately after the end of the wash, the interior must be dry, it will prevent the appearance of mold.

3. Be sure to wipe the rubber seal of the hatch, it was there that accumulates water and dirt out of your pockets.

4. Use only high quality detergent without exceeding the dosage.

5. Periodically washed out and dry the detergent tray.

6. At least 1-2 times per month include wash cycle at a maximum temperature. If appropriate things there, let the machine work with an empty drum.

7. At least once every 3 months Clean the drain pump filter, which is going small debris.

8. Watch out for the scale on TENah washing machine and time to eliminate it if necessary.

9. Carefully inspect the pockets before loading things in the washing machine, they should not remain dirt and food debris.

10. Do not tilt the washing machine should be installed completely flat horizontally.

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